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Our staff at Flat Roofing Aberdeen are specialists in installing, repairing and maintaining flat roofing. We are proud that the majority of our specialists have over a decade of expertise, developing extensive knowledge and every one of the team works honestly and fairly, constantly putting our clients first. Placing customer service as our number one priority has meant we have developed a fantastic reputation and this can be evidenced by the simple fact that we provide a complimentary appointment to all clients. At every meeting, we evaluate the situation, inspecting the property and supplying information in a clear and concise manner, backed up with evidence. We also take the time to sit and talk to the customers about their concerns and questions. We want all clients to be able to make an educated choice about their roofing requirements.

Choosing a Flat Roof - Is that the right choice?

There are a lot of reasons why choosing this type of roof will be the right choice for you. It may be that the architecture has been created to integrate a flat roof, it is demanded by planning requirements or ultimately, budget limitations mean it's by far the choice that is most acceptable. What we think is essential for customers to notice, is that this type of roofing will require a greater degree of efficient and regular maintenance, in comparison with other roofs, such as slate. This does not mean that you should not opt for this alternative because each roof demands attention and care, minimising the potential for problems.

The concern the staff at Flat Roofing Aberdeen point to when talking about flat roofing is water not dispersing and gathering on the roof itself. This may lead to water escaping into the roof or sagging to occur. These flaws could spiral out of control into more damage and subsequent costly repairs.

Frequent Issues

As stated previously, flat roofing is more likely to suffer from various issues and so before picking the type of roof they want, its important to consider the following issues. Once again, upkeep, effective construction and a smart layout will reduce many issues.

Pooling: Highlighted on this webpage, is the issue of water pooling due to the roof not being sloped like many other types of roof. Harm can be caused by any amount of water pooling on the roof for a period of time. Then, should the roof not be 100% non-porous, it will find a way into the property.

Vegetation: There is going to be debris on every roof and this isn’t something that can be completed avoided. Such debris includes branches and dust. Subsequently, mould will use this debris and the water to grow, resulting in harm and roots working their way into the roof itself. These roots also have the effect of creating space for water to feed into, working its way down into the walls of the building.

Punctures: The theme of water being the enemy is something Flat Roofing Aberdeen cannot overstate and punctures in the roof are yet another avenue for water to get into the property and cause extensive damage. An example of how punctures occur include aerial installation, whether using nails or simply being incorrectly attached to the roofing.

Internal Water Damage: Every one of us will have worked or lived at a property with damp or signs of water on the walls. This is a sign your roof hasn't prevented water from entering the walls or ceiling and is causing damage. These indicators should never be ignored or equally be painted over, as it's just a delaying tactic. Speak to our staff and receive your complimentary appointment now if you have water damage.

Condensation: A problem that might appear minor and without importance and yet may be an indication of issues with your roof. It can be avoided by picking out the best kind of roofing and being installed by specialists like ours and ensuring repairs are completed to the maximum level available. It reveals the significance of talking to a business like Flat Roofing Aberdeen, as having the work done by experts who can achieve results, will save money and hassle. Knowing the factors in the cause of condensation, using insulating material and vapour control layers, allows us to design solutions that work and work for a long time.

Temperature issues: The great majority of pitfalls in picking a flat roof are based around the problems that water can cause. Having said that, It is essential that you know how temperature will impact the operation of a roof, when shifting from warm to cold or the other way, and also as a result of intense weather events. Regular and drastic changes to temperature will mean the roofing will contract/expand, on account of the products and materials used to create them. If not preserved correctly, it is this procedure which may lead to cracks forming in the roof. During much more extreme high-temperature events, the felt may bubble, then end up cracking when temperatures drop again. These processes contribute to water working its way through these cracks and into the building beneath!

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We think it's necessary to understand both the advantages and disadvantages of picking flat roofing, in order to make an educated decision. In case you already have a flat roof, then it's crucial to know the way to safeguard your roof and by extension, your entire property. We've got a reputation for providing clear and effective advice that is bespoke to each customer. Contact us today and take advantage of your free, no-obligation appointment.

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